Saturday, September 10, 2011

Where the Vampires lived

Once upon a time, vampires thrived...until Abraham Lincoln used the Civil War to destroy them all!

Okay, not really. But that's how the upcoming movie will go. And what's so cool about this? They filmed all over New Orleans. Cuz we're awesome! And, I got some sneak peaks into the places that were used in this film.

Thanks to a great family of real estate/construcioners who use their talents in restoring some of the French Quarter that has been dismissed. They score an A+ in my book for reusing as much of the materials from the original structure as possible! So, the photos posted below are from a building on Conti Street across from the Wax Museum (which that place just weirds me out!). The building dates back from the 1800s and was home to many types of slaves and others. Currently, they're being renovated into gorgeous, upscale condos. Some of the rooms were too risky to actually walk into during my visit. Major danger zone to a clumsy girl like me. But really, this place is amazing!


  1. Beautiful photography, It reminds me of Charleston, South Carolina
    new follower from

  2. Really nice photographs. I love the ones that have blue just popping in them!


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