Friday, September 30, 2011

The Lakefront and the Promos

The Lakefront will forever be one of my favorite locations. It holds some of my best memories of many moons ago. It was tragically destroyed by Hurricane Katrina. But I’m so excited about all the work that is being done to restore the area! Hopefully some post-beautification pictures can be added soon, but let’s face it, I’m the girl who loves the ugly.

Switching topics…Ever since starting my business, I have realized the importance of knowing all the hottest trends on this internet thing…ugh…I’m trying to keep up with everything! All I really want to do is focus on growing in photography! So, here comes my plug on not only the internet, but also in growth. My newest love-! And, as I’m writing this, I realize just how much it sounds like a dating site…Sign up to meet others (as in plural.) who have formed groups based on common interests. I just saw this one group in New Orleans who go out to eat at different restaurants. Oh my WORD, I nearly fainted! A club, all about the joys of eating! I must stay strong…I can’t do it…

So, pertaining to photography, I started meeting with the PhotographersExperience group. They are just the greatest group of people when it comes to learning photography!! We all work together to learn new ways to photograph different scenarios or people. It doesn’t matter how much or little a person knows, but they are extremely welcoming. And, if you haven’t been able to connect the dots on what this promo has to do with my lakefront shots…well, it was our group outing one weekend. My other promo is a big THANK YOU to my awesome brother for telling me to start connecting with this group (among many, many other countless things he’s done for me. Really, he’s amazing! Although, I’m still on the fence about whether or not he’s just trying to make up for how much he tortured me as a kid. just kidding!)

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Richness that won't raise your blood sugar

Beyond the beautiful homes of the Garden District and the amazing food, New Orleans has a deep, rich history. Don’t discredit the little things that seem unimportant. I’m not recommending to go through trash on maybe Bourbon street and hope that one day it will have importance (never mind that the visual image that I get from that makes me shudder). However, learning a little more about my city makes me excited, and I hope that even this little tidbit will make you say ‘oooo, cooool’ as I did.

I’ve seen these signs painted on buildings in a couple of places in New Orleans. I have a slight obsession with all signs (just a wee bit). I’ve always been curious about this one in particular, Uneeda Biscuit. And, yes, I spelled it right. You may not be able to see the posted price, but it was 5 cents…is anything 5 cents now? Maybe a half a piece of gum.

Uneeda Biscuit was once a company in 1898. This New Orleans company was a combination of two companies (okay, a lightbulb will be flashing over your head in about one second…) named The National Biscuit Company and the New Orleans Nabisco Baking Company (lightbulb!). Eventually, it was just called Nabisco Foods. Now, isn’t your life a little better for knowing that?

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Soft and Sweet Vintage

My girls are completely camera obsessed. Which is great for me because I'm in love with taking photos! So, my husband and I took time to take the girls to City Park, which is a beautiful part of New Orleans that has NOMA, Storyland, and many beautiful parks. 

    Shooting children can come with...exhaustion is the safest word. Don't most parents dread the photo shoot? I think that's why I've learned so much from years of it with my own kids. I wanted it to be a great experience for our family. For my first tip, I always pack plenty of food and water. They like to run like a prisoner escaping to freedom, so naturally their little selves stop after 20 minutes with 'mom! I'm hungry!'. (In which my response is, 'and I'm mommy. Nice to meet you, hungry.')
   I also like to check my expectations. Sometimes the best photos come out of unexpected looks and actions, and then we get to capture the real them! It's also good to keep the length of the shoot around 30 minutes. After that, they do not want to cooperate. 
So, here's my favorite moments behind the shoot. From I have no idea where, my daughters picked up this pose where they stick their belly way out (and with my youngest, it's so so funny. Nickname #1 for her is Squishy.) and their hips the opposite way. If you could hear my sigh, it'd say 'oh my word they are growing up too fast.' My oldest is starting to take direction really well (head down. eyes up. look left.), and she also likes to come up great poses. I love it! 
My younger daughter just wanted a million pictures of her running or jumping. Nickname #2 for her is Granny. (Any child that thinks it's fun to suck her teeth earns that name.) During one of her ventures, she somehow managed to get her dress stuck in the back of her underwear...this is so typical Izzy. LOL I love her. 
We found a tiny little cobblestone bridge, so they played princesses. Tip #? (I'm not keeping count.) for the uncooperative girl, let them play their favorite princess. For whatever reason, they act more 'proper' (and this word is always spoken with a British accent) when playing different roles. And I actually got a 'thank you, mommy, for letting me play my favorite princess' after we finished. I think we call this a success!

Monday, September 12, 2011

9/11 Tribute

Yesterday, I had the honor of attending the 9/11 tribute at the New Orleans DDay Museum. The ceremony was filled with heartfelt gratitude to those who put their lives at risk to serve their family, community, and country. Servicemen/women from the fire department, police department, Navy, Army, Marine corps, Coast Guard, and EMS were present. We will never forget those who run toward the danger instead of away. Thank you for all that you do!

Washington Artillery Color Guard

Thanking CPT Mack for her service in New York during 9/11
Washington Artillery Color Guard

Taps being played

Honoring the Heroes/Piece of the North Twin Tower

We will never forget 

CPT Patricia Mack and LT Simoneaux
WWII Paratrooper, Tom Blakey and LT Simoneaux

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Where the Vampires lived

Once upon a time, vampires thrived...until Abraham Lincoln used the Civil War to destroy them all!

Okay, not really. But that's how the upcoming movie will go. And what's so cool about this? They filmed all over New Orleans. Cuz we're awesome! And, I got some sneak peaks into the places that were used in this film.

Thanks to a great family of real estate/construcioners who use their talents in restoring some of the French Quarter that has been dismissed. They score an A+ in my book for reusing as much of the materials from the original structure as possible! So, the photos posted below are from a building on Conti Street across from the Wax Museum (which that place just weirds me out!). The building dates back from the 1800s and was home to many types of slaves and others. Currently, they're being renovated into gorgeous, upscale condos. Some of the rooms were too risky to actually walk into during my visit. Major danger zone to a clumsy girl like me. But really, this place is amazing!
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