Friday, September 30, 2011

The Lakefront and the Promos

The Lakefront will forever be one of my favorite locations. It holds some of my best memories of many moons ago. It was tragically destroyed by Hurricane Katrina. But I’m so excited about all the work that is being done to restore the area! Hopefully some post-beautification pictures can be added soon, but let’s face it, I’m the girl who loves the ugly.

Switching topics…Ever since starting my business, I have realized the importance of knowing all the hottest trends on this internet thing…ugh…I’m trying to keep up with everything! All I really want to do is focus on growing in photography! So, here comes my plug on not only the internet, but also in growth. My newest love-! And, as I’m writing this, I realize just how much it sounds like a dating site…Sign up to meet others (as in plural.) who have formed groups based on common interests. I just saw this one group in New Orleans who go out to eat at different restaurants. Oh my WORD, I nearly fainted! A club, all about the joys of eating! I must stay strong…I can’t do it…

So, pertaining to photography, I started meeting with the PhotographersExperience group. They are just the greatest group of people when it comes to learning photography!! We all work together to learn new ways to photograph different scenarios or people. It doesn’t matter how much or little a person knows, but they are extremely welcoming. And, if you haven’t been able to connect the dots on what this promo has to do with my lakefront shots…well, it was our group outing one weekend. My other promo is a big THANK YOU to my awesome brother for telling me to start connecting with this group (among many, many other countless things he’s done for me. Really, he’s amazing! Although, I’m still on the fence about whether or not he’s just trying to make up for how much he tortured me as a kid. just kidding!)

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