Thursday, September 22, 2011

Richness that won't raise your blood sugar

Beyond the beautiful homes of the Garden District and the amazing food, New Orleans has a deep, rich history. Don’t discredit the little things that seem unimportant. I’m not recommending to go through trash on maybe Bourbon street and hope that one day it will have importance (never mind that the visual image that I get from that makes me shudder). However, learning a little more about my city makes me excited, and I hope that even this little tidbit will make you say ‘oooo, cooool’ as I did.

I’ve seen these signs painted on buildings in a couple of places in New Orleans. I have a slight obsession with all signs (just a wee bit). I’ve always been curious about this one in particular, Uneeda Biscuit. And, yes, I spelled it right. You may not be able to see the posted price, but it was 5 cents…is anything 5 cents now? Maybe a half a piece of gum.

Uneeda Biscuit was once a company in 1898. This New Orleans company was a combination of two companies (okay, a lightbulb will be flashing over your head in about one second…) named The National Biscuit Company and the New Orleans Nabisco Baking Company (lightbulb!). Eventually, it was just called Nabisco Foods. Now, isn’t your life a little better for knowing that?

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