Wednesday, October 26, 2011

OCH Market on November 12th

Well, it finally happened! I wiggled my way into an art market! (and then the nerves and the fear set in) While this won't be my first art market (okay, honestly, the first one happens next Thursday night.), it will be my biggest.
If you are in the New Orleans area, plan on stopping by!

O.C.H art market
November 12th, 10-3 p
1618 Oretha C Haley Blvd

Also, you can click on the events link that I will post on the lefthand side.

I'm hoping that I can have everything together by then! Anyone have any advice to offer?

More information:

Monday, October 24, 2011

The start of my abandoned love

Well, my family only lasted in Belle Chasse, LA for 6 months. We had hopes that maybe it would be the town that we could settle in. But, no. Maybe we're just not use to how clean a city can be.
My favorite day there was spent just driving up and down Belle Chasse highway, exploring the area. I love adventure days with the family. No agenda, but we always discover the greatest things (at least, in my eyes!). We (my husband, kids and I) came across a great little house that was falling in on itself. I battled all the wasps and bees in order to snag some photos. What most impressed me was the beautiful rose tree that was in full bloom on the side of the house. I always have to spend some time just staring at places like this. I have to imagine what it once was and who lived there. I just have to know all about it!

So, I present my very first part in my Abandoned Love series. Can you figure out the inspiration for the name of this series? Check through the photos, and then if you find it, post the answer on my Sugarberry photography facebook page.

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