About Me

Welcome to my life as seen through a lens! 

My name is Leslye. So, here's the start of a fresh blog. If you expect constant updates from a talented writer, then ha! I have a family (who provides constant inspiration with humor and upsets), work, and I'd like to make some time doing what I love- pictures, whether taking or editing. If someone was willing to intern as my assistant and write one for me, then let me know! I pay in hugs : ) And with food. Lots and lots of yummy food.
I (Leslye Simoneaux) am born and raised in New Orleans. I've been fortunate (thanks mom and dad!!) to be able to experience different places and cultures. Yet, there's nothing like the vibrancy and passion and culture of New Orleans. We're unique. And I've always felt so awkward anywhere else.  
 SO who is this fantastically, awesomest photographer? (Watch out grammar perfecters! I defy the laws of language!)  I've always been a photography lover, but I didn't get my first fancy camera until about three years ago. I wanted something nicer that would take better pictures of my two girls. At least, that's what I told me husband. I've never taken any classes. However, I've been getting tips from every photographer that I can (thanks, y'all!) or taught myself. I've had a few great encouragers who keep telling me to trust my "eye" because I got it. Does that mean I have it all together? No way! I'm still soaking every bit of knowledge that I can. 

I love capturing life as is- getting a real smile or action out of people is the best!
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