Tuesday, November 8, 2011

She's a Brick..House....I promise I'll stop singing

Before now, I didn't think I would ever include this photo. Or if I did, I'd hide it in the series (wait til you see what's coming! I'm sitting on pins and needles.) of my next abandoned place. However, I changed my mind. I'm a woman. I'm prone to do that.

So, here's a tip for my budding and experienced photographers. When you're hunting out a place, check for anything that has names (in this case, a brick that doesn't match its surroundings) or dates. If you record street names, Google maps can even be a powerful source for naming old landmarks. I love uncovering a good mystery, especially since it has paid off well in my adventures.

So, I looked up Acme Standard, which is a brick company founded in 1852. The name Perla confused me, but thankfully their website gave a great line of the company's history. In 1943, an Acme plant was in a town called Perla. The plant in Perla was one of few that employed German POWs (oh my word, what people would say about that these days...).
Acme Standard has experienced great success, except for two periods of its existence: the Great Depression and the current economy (I'd insert my point of view here, but you can make the connection for yourself). Found: http://www.brick.com/company/history.htm
Have a great week! And have a better weekend!

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