Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Journey

I was going to start this post by saying how October is almost coming to a close. That would've been embarrassing. Ever been so sure of yourself to find out you are so wrong? I'm a frequent visitor in that arena. Instead I will begin...November has started and is moving quickly! 

I am so thankful this year is coming to a close. But, it leaves me to wonder the changes that will take place next year. Will it be worse than this year?
My husband came home from his second tour to Iraq last Christmas. We had so many hopes for this year. We had so many plans. We were excited to be together as a family again. But we were not prepared for how much pain and exhaustion would come as we rang in the new year with beautiful fireworks. And we kept telling ourself that if we just waited a little longer, then we'll be okay. Unfortunately, it still hasn't happened by the 11th month. Maybe just another month. But as much as we have wanted to give up at times, we keep pushing harder and giving more. And it's hard for me to be open enough to share that we've struggled. I thought we left our struggles last year in Iraq. I'm trying a new thing about being a little less guarded and a little more open (my heart beats like crazy just sharing this much with anyone). But rejection has taken on many forms and has pushed me down a lot. I'm learning not to be a quitter but a fighter. I'm learning how God is way bigger than our circumstances. I'm learning that there is hope in abundance with Him when there is nothing in this world.

And that brings me to this piece. I've worked and reworked it for months, but this is the final product. This is my journey. It's about pulling the beauty from the dirt and the grit. It's about how this journey has dark and stormy days, but there is also Light in the path. 

I hope that this wasn't too heavy. I promise to add some lighter stuff soon!

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  1. Leslye, This is a great piece and if you look down that road you can see another crest of a hill, so there's another high point not too far down the road. Love this piece.


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