Thursday, December 8, 2011

Thursday Beats: Lagniappe Brass Band

I think that the current, over-produced music jaded me for awhile. My love of music was revived when I started going out to the Marigny to see the most passionate and talented bands. And it's just too exciting not to share it all with you (haven't you been able to tell??)! Some bands are great to just chill and absorb the awesomeness. However, some bands are too thrilling to let you stay in your seat. Now, I fully realize my human limitations. I am not a dancer by any means. However, sometimes I just can't stop myself! The music is just so good that it just has to come out of me!

This week's Thursday Beats group doesn't just stop at amazing music. These musicians give a high octane performance that calls for equal amounts of crowd participation. My Thursday Beats pick is Lagniappe Brass Band. In New Orleans, we understand 'lagniappe' to mean 'a little something extra.' These guys give you their great gift of music and then extra with their passion. LPP is a band that you cannot miss! From the beginning to the very last note, these guys make you feel like you've been part of the best party ever. Stop thinking that life has to be monotonous; get out their and support our great musicians!

You can find them playing at my favorite places, including the Balcony Music Club, VASO, and the Maison. 

Two ways to stay current on what these guys are doing:

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