Thursday, January 26, 2012

Olympus- Reaching Higher

Welcome to Olympus apartments!
I drive by this place at least once a day. It will be completely gone soon. Some of the people in this community (the Gentilly area of New Orleans, if you need specifics) are refusing to let this community go to waste. They're spending their time, energy, money, patience, and hope to rebuild this area. It, like many houses in New Orleans, has remained mostly vacant and devastated since Katrina. I say mostly vacant because there are people who are desperate enough to have considered it a place to stay.

Through the efforts of people who love this community and see a future for it, this place will be torn down and something new will stand in its place soon. They are looking for a revitalization of an area that has seen better days way before my time.
Don't we need more people who don't give up on a community because a building looks like this? People who give their time, effort, and, let's face it, money to revive a culture? I'm grateful for people who spend their lives serving others. They are my heroes.

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  1. Great photos. I live on the Gulf Coast and visit New Orleans often. Always glad to hear of good things happening there.


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