Saturday, January 21, 2012

Photoshop Tip #1: Keeping the transparent background

Can I safely assume that almost everyone in graphic design, photography work, other artists, and even non-artists have used photoshop? And can I also make the assumption that everyone who works with photoshop has/currently hates it. At the very least is sometimes ready to throw the computer out of the window. Based on experience, that doesn't work. It will still haunt you.

I get excited when I learn new things. I think mostly because I surprise myself that I can figure new things out. I'm not dumb...just pretty. And, since I don't know how much you know about photoshop, I want to share a new little tip that I just learned.

I'm changing my website logo (2012- new face and all. not literally. not like I actually changed my get it), but I keep getting that silly white background when I want it to be transparent. Know what I'm talking about? When you save to jpeg and a plain background pops up. It's frustrating because I've seen people logos and watermarks with the background showing through, but I couldn't figure out how to do it without the white block surrounding the image. (example above. It's actually saved with a transparent background.) I have PS CS5 if that makes a difference for anyone.

So, to do your logo/watermark with a transparent background: 

1. I'm assuming that you know how to get the transparent background in the first place. If you open up up a New File, when making your dpi/pixel, etc. settings, the background contents should be listed as Transparent.
2. When ready, head to File>Save for Web & Devices
3. A new window should pop up, which mostly looks confusing. The second information listed should give you a choice of how to save it- from jpeg to png. You want to choose the png (I chose 8bit). And click save.

So, hopefully this tip saved your computer (and your window). or maybe save you from a headache after banging your head against the wall (if it came to that, take Advil.).

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