Thursday, January 12, 2012

Thursday Beats: Karikatura

Thursday Beats is back! Usually by Thursday, I am SO ready to crash (I think that last week I was in bed by 8:30. Yeah. Lame.). But I have to get you ready for the weekend! You need something exciting in your life! : ) Trust me, this weeks band can add so much spice. (Okay. that was cheesy. my bad.)
I hope that you can say that you have so many great memories of different events in your life. I think almost all of my top ten include my husband. When I cook, I use to love to turn on latin (especially salsa) music and dancing (um the basic moves that I do know). It's even more fun when my husband joins me. He can't resist the rhythm, baby. Fast forward the time that includes a deployment, then lots of moves, crazy schedules, and the introduction on my latest obsession- The Black Keys.

My husband and I got to venture out on the Thursday before New Years, and we head to the Maison (where else). A band gets up to play, so we're just talking (okay, fine, eating. You've never had crab balls like these. And, no, that's not a disease.) while they get set up. Then, this amazing, latin voice just belts out. My head just pops up, and I was smitten. Immediately, those great memories with my husband just flooded back. This band got me with their first note, and I hope that you have the chance to experience them live. Their home base is Brooklyn, but they are traveling everywhere. Go visit their sites, listen to their music, and send them some love!
I didn't take the video, but I thought it was great to add!
Have a great weekend!

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