Sunday, January 8, 2012

I promise I'm long as I stay in New Orleans

I fully blame my uniqueness (fine. strangeness.) comes from living in New Orleans. I never realized how different I was until I started moving around the other cities. Try explaining Mardi Gras beads and parades to someone who has never heard of it. Not as easy at it seems. Also, who celebrates the dead like we do? Not too many other places.

Now that you know this, I can share that I had a mini date with my a cemetery. We visited St. Patrick Cemetery on City Park Ave. I could spend a whole day exploring one cemetery. I love reading the headstones and viewing the beautiful pieces of art that the living used to describe the dead. 
I came across this beautiful statue (below), but I can't quite figure out its meaning. It doesn't look like Mary or an angel, and I'm flower illiterate (some flowers represent resurrection). If anyone has a guess, please leave a comment! 
Below is an example of a temple with a beautifully rusted iron gate to keep out trespassers. I'm not 100% certain on who the Kohn family is/was. I found numerous listings for a textile company and a middle school with the Kohn name. 
Being of the ever-curious mind, I attempted to research the Slark family. They had two of the most impressive resting places in this cemetery (one shown below). I found a couple of references to an Abigail Slark, who seemed to be a nice woman with impeccable taste, and a Slark who owned a hardware firm.
One grave did lead me to some interesting history of New Orleans. Come back tomorrow for that story!

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