Wednesday, November 16, 2011

For Those Who Serve

What do you get with me, a beautiful day and a camera in my hand? An awesome birthday celebration with a super excited me, that's what! In the morning, I took photos of my beautiful girls (posted at an earlier date). Then, my husband and I spent the afternoon photographing different parts of where his unit is stationed- Jackson Barracks. 

The area to build Jackson Barracks was bought in 1833, where four forts were built in 1815 to protect against seaborne invasions. The site was originally named the New Orleans Barracks, but in 1866 it was renamed Jackson Barracks for Andrew Jackson.

The area is beautiful. Of course, I think any area with deconstructed buildings are beautiful, so am I the best judge? I wanted to capture some of the buildings before they were either torn down or reconstructed. The first three photos are of a few buildings. My favorite set start with number 4, so scroll down! I'm so excited...

This wall (shown in the next two photos) served to protect the old armory building (the plaque in the third photo explains its history). Soldiers had a tradition of etching into this brick gate. Up close photos are shown below with names and dates. My husband and I were astounded to find dates in the early 40s...But check the last two photos with dates even earlier that I found...

 See the 1879 in the middle??
Isn't that awesome?? I tried to find information on this Z.T. Friend from 1867, but my detective skills for people are not sharp.

I hope that you're having a great week! Ready for Thanksgiving? Do not fret! I hope that you look forward to time with family (and off of work/school!).

Check back tomorrow for a new segment I am starting, called Thursday Beats. It'll be a time when I post about an awesome musician/band and link you up to them! You never need to feel stuck or bored on a weekend in this city. Go out and support!

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