Thursday, November 17, 2011

Thursday Beats! First edition: Dana Abbott Band

Welcome to my first edition of Thursday Beats! Let me take a poll. When you think of New Orleans, what comes to mind? Yeah, yeah food. Besides that. Okay, and besides having to work off the weight after eating your way through New Orleans. My recent tourist friends know what I'm talking about. We get amnesia or something down here when it comes to eating. You stop at one place and stuff your face. Leave that place, promising to never eat again. But the moment you walk out of the doors, you start looking for somewhere to eat! I know. Sidetracked here with food. Look, I had a Lean Cuisine for dinner, but I was also making 60 plus brownies for my kids' parties at school. My mind can't focus when there are brownies around that I can't eat.

Let me take a moment and refocus.

Another thing associated with New Orleans is the absolutely amazing time people have in the city. That credit should be given to those who are not just talented, but more like gifted with a perfect marriage of vocals, performance and instrumental abilities. And we can go see them any night of the week that we want! They are playing their hearts out, doing what they love. Are you fortunate enough to be able to do what you love?

For my first artist, let me introduce you to the Dana Abbott Band! These photos were taken at her performance at Tipitina's. However, you are more likely to find her at the Balcony Music Club (1331 Decatur Street, 70116) in the Marigny. Catch her Fridays from 9-11:30. She has this amazing soulful voice that makes you want to hear more. And she's backed by a band that makes for a perfect marinade of sounds. You won't be able to sit still when this band takes over (perfect enough to dance off all that eatin'). Click the links below to follow. ReverbNation lets you hear some her tunes (my personal favorite is "What it is", and my husband can't get enough of "Hey Pocky A-way").

Let me break it down for you. You are willing to get dressed and head out to an over-priced movie, paying for over-priced snacks and drinks. You'll even remark at how ridiculous it is. Then, the movie is lackluster, but then the money is already wasted. Instead, why not change your usual of a boring night in or an over-priced night to the movies. Go on and head out to where you can have a night sure to be one of your best ever. Get out and support New Orleans!

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  1. Leslye, I love this series - love music and love New Orleans. Can't wait to see more!


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